Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mind Over Murder . . .

When I first met author Steve Bradshaw, I knew he either was a cop or used to be a cop. People in law enforcement have that LOOK, the one that easily tells you that they are not to be trifled with. Although he does have that look, he is also quite a nice man and apparently one hell of an author. I tore through Evil Like Me: A Forensic/Paranormal Thriller, as published through Griffyn Ink, and I was sorry to leave that version of Memphis. It was, in short, a ride through the mind that I'll never forget.

The story, based on actual events, is thus: the United States Government began a program that utilized the talents of psychics as weapons. Years later, the program is stopped to a grinding halt and all future research has been cancelled . . . or so everyone thinks. Speed up to current time in Memphis, Tennessee, where Homicide Detective Tony Wilcox is looking for a man who may or may not be responsible for four deaths. However, as he soon teams up with Medical Examiner Dr. Victoria Petty, the two slowly realize that there's more to the deaths than they think. Everything that they consider to be of logic and reason is thrown out the window as they must handle matters of the mind . . . . literally.

This book read like a really really good episode of Law and Order, except that rather than watching the show from the comfort of your home, you are right there with Wilcox and Petty, stumbling through the dark in an attempt to understand just why a man named Hunter Keller is so important to the United States Government. Every bullet shot out and received in a bloody fashion, every chase that leads to more bodies and more questions, and every moment of suspended disbelief will have you turning the pages. You don't get bogged down with forensic details, nor is the book one giant car chase through Memphis - Bradshaw paces out the story just enough so that you get to take a breath and maybe get some water. His writing style reminds me of author Harlan Coben (I LOVE his work!) in that you are thrown into it all right from the beginning but it's so good that you don't care.

I do know that Bradshaw will be at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention this year - if you get a chance to attend, do yourself a favour and attend his panels. Having the pleasure of being on a panel with him, I have to admit that he's a delight to talk with and the dude knows his stuff. If, however, you can't wait to purchase copies of his books, you can either order them through Amazon, or purchase them at South Main Book Juggler in the South Main District of Memphis.


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