Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tea Among the Gods - NEW TEA BLEND

I first met author Eva Vanrell at Wizard World New Orleans this year and honestly thought that she was too cool to talk to. She'll probably laugh at that, but it was the truth. Several months later, we started talking on Facebook and, well, the rest is history. I consider her to be one of my dearest friends as well as part of my NOLA family. Love you, girl!

In any case, Vanrell's book, The Butterfly Crest, tells the story of a young woman in New Orleans who discovers that she is more than she appears to be, thanks to her loving "parents". Blending a Tolkien-esque feel with the deities of myth and legend against a backdrop of New Orleans and Japan, The Butterfly Crest is a fantasy that will stay with you long after you finish the book. Especially the character Death - you did an awesome job of creating him, Eva!

In honour of this lovely book, Viridian Tea Company is pleased to present our newest blend: Aisa Tea Blend!

Aisa, according to the myths, was one of the Fates - she was the one who "cut" your life line. The one who embraced Death. For many of you who know me, Aisa holds a special place in my heart. So, in honour of this Fate, the Aisa Tea Blend is a splendid blend of assam tea, honey crystals, sage, and dried lemon peel. I opened the box that held the blend and took a deep sniff - it smells divine! Just like a god!

The tea will be available through the Etsy store - ViridianTeaCompany, and coming soon to Tubby and Coo's Mid City Bookshop in New Orleans!

I will also have bags of the blend for sale at Contraflow!

Purchase a copy of The Butterfly Crest, order a bag of Aisa tea, and enjoy your time with the gods!


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