Saturday, October 13, 2018

New Tea Blend and Photo Shoot - Shinrin-yoku Herbal Tisane

(model - author Hilaire Barch/HC Playa)

I was first introduced to Shinrin-yoku through Emily Guenther, owner of The Broom Closet in Memphis. The term means either "taking in the forest atmosphere" or "forest bathing". What that means is - taking a walk in a forest or nature area and enjoying the surroundings. To slow down your breathing and be aware - a kind of meditation. From all of my time walking through forests and Nature trails, I then began to wonder about a tea blend for that specific concept.

May I present to you - Shinrin-yoku Herbal Tisane!

Herbal tisanes contain no caffeine; the blend does consist of chamomile and passion flower. Don't drink this blend then expect to have a productive day. Shinrin-yoku is meant to relax you and calm your senses. I actually made the blend a while ago and let it sit. When I opened the lid to smell it, the lovely smell almost overpowered me in a good way.

The herbal tisane will be available through my Etsy store as well as The Broom Closet located in the South Main Arts District in Memphis. I will also have the blend available at my booth at upcoming events (Contraflow in November for example).

And now, here are other photos from the Shinrin-yoku photo shoot - much thanks to author Hilaire Barch/HC Playa for being such an amazing model:

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