Friday, October 19, 2018

A Tea Blend for Photographers . . . and Everyone Else

(Overton Park - Memphis, Tennessee - taken by me) 

I wear many hats - tea blender, author, and photographer. All three of these things feed into each other and have opened other doors I never knew existed. In being a creative spirit, I have met many others who are passionate about what they DO and ARE. For example - I have met and befriended many photographers so far  - each one presents the world in their own unique way. They love the camera and it shows through their work.

May I present to you the new blend from Viridian Tea Company - The Art of Photography!

This tea blend is a black tea base blended with elderberries, blueberries, lemon peel, and infused with vanilla beans. I let this blend sit for several weeks and OH BOY, does it smell like Heaven.

But enough of the tea - I want to instead brag on the people who partially inspired this blend - check out their social media when you can and show some love. These hardworking people are masters in the field of photography:

Mitchell Hartman - One of the coolest conversations I've ever had was with Mr. Hartman as I stood in a museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, waiting for the hailstorm to pass. His work continues to astound and inspire me and I know you will feel the same way - Embrace the Grain is his link.

Carlton Johnson - I really do wish we were blood brother and sister. This beyond cool dude is an artist to the fullest and his photos of Los Angeles show that off quite well. Plus, he's got the most adorable little baby boy that I know will grow up to be just like his father - dapper, smart, artistic, and just cool - @Atlantean72 is his Instagram link.

Retta Bodhaine - I first met Retta through mutual friends and soon, I asked her to take part of a Cyberpunk photo shoot that I conducted in NOLA back in 2016. I simply adore her and her work and she is quite the force to be reckoned with as she embraces the concept of a Renaissance person - Write Brain Artistry is her link.

Mike Lee - I'm going to admit that I envy his style. He shot one photo that I literally couldn't stop staring at for quite some time (a woman intensely reading a book in either a bookstore or a library). I met Mike through Mitchell and I am so glad for the friendship. He is one hell of a genius behind the camera as he shows off his version of New York - Mike Lee Photography is his link.

David Lee Black - I first met him online through Myspace (yes, I am old) many years ago because I stumbled upon his work and fell in love with it. I had to tell him how much I liked his work and the rest is history. His style is fluid, dreamlike at times, and just gorgeous. One of his photos is the cover for the Realms of Imagination anthology (Dark Oak Press) - David Lee Black Studios is his link.

And as for me - Kimberly Richardson

Okay, back to the tea - you can order bags of the tea through my Etsy store, or purchase directly through me at the Cooper Young Farmers Market.

Good night and . . . Point. Click. Shoot.

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