Sunday, September 23, 2018

Tea Review - Indonesian Green Tea (Upton Tea Imports)

A representative of Upton Tea Imports emailed me some time ago to ask if I would be willing to review several of their teas for them. Of course I said yes. While in the midst of preparing my tea blends for an upcoming health fair and watching The Grand Budapest Hotel (I have a very big crush on Ralph Fiennes, but I digress), I decided to try one of their teas tonight. The Indonesian Green Tea seemed like a lovely choice. I am not affected by the caffeine content within green tea, so I knew I wouldn't be staying up half the night.

The scent of tea in the bag is light vegetal with a hint of crisp and fresh. The first time I smelled it in the bag, it reminded me of a valley after a light Spring rain - delicate and luscious. In making the tea, the scent remained crisp and grassy. I love my green teas to have that grassy smell with a hint of sharp; I think it adds to an overall pleasant mouthfeel and finish. When I tasted the tea, however, I was met with a little surprise: the tea is velvet smooth with a dash of buttery. It's like enjoying creamy butter with chives on a piece of toast. The grassy crisp taste blends with the smooth and buttery, making an overall wonderful cup of tea as my mouth feels as though it has been revived. I normally enjoy Japanese green tea (sencha), yet this green tea from Indonesia was a delight to try. I will be adding it to my Teas That I Will Order list. I don't recommend adding any kind of sweetener to the this tea. Enjoy it as it is and you will love it.

Much thanks to Upton Tea Imports for this opportunity - I'm on my second cup and the taste is even better than before. Smoother and more "spring rain over green vegetables" than the first cup but still beautiful.

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