Saturday, September 8, 2018

Tea Review - Farmer's Market Herbal Tisane (Elmwood Inn)

I received my sampler packet of Farmer's Market from Elmwood Inn Fine Teas while at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas this year. I was drawn to the sight and smell of the herbal tisane and knew I had to try it. I figured that today would be a good day to try it before I head out to the International Goat Days Festival!

The scent of the tisane is quite heady and "oh, good morning". When I prepared it, I allowed for it to steep for quite some time before enjoying my first cup. The colour of the tea is a deep rich red and it was nice to watch it change as the tea steeped. My first cup gave me an immediate taste of apples and sun kissed tomatoes. I was reminded of walking through a farmers market in the early Spring, when there is still a slight chill in the air blended with the warmth of the sun. The tomato taste was truly sun kissed and I loved how it blended well with the apple. However, as it cooled down, I noticed that other flavours began to appear - cucumber and the citrus - making the cup even more enjoyable. I also noticed that the citrus was more pronounced when I left it longer in my mouth than just just swallowing it. All in all, a very good tisane to enjoy in the morning - it went well with my scrambled eggs and peach slices.

Since there is no caffeine in this blend, it can be enjoyed all day but I still think it goes better with the morning. It truly tastes like a stroll through a farmer's market, complete with people enjoying themselves and good weather.

Much thanks to Elmwood Inn Fine Teas!

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