Wednesday, September 19, 2018

TEA REVIEW - Buddha Moon (East Indies Coffee and Tea)

I met the folks of East Indies Coffee and Tea while at the World Tea Expo earlier this year. After smelling several of the tea blends, I made a request to have samples mailed to my home. Buddha Moon, one of their herbal tisanes, seemed like the perfect way to enjoy my Wednesday night. I will admit that while writing this review, I've been sniffing the bag - the tisane hits my senses like walking right into the sun. Spicy, sunny, citrusy - all of that in one sniff.

I was surprised at the delicate colour that Buddha Moon took while preparing it. The colour reminds me of a somewhat cloudy Spring day - a sense of warmth from the sun yet you have the cool breezes to balance it. The smell still held the citrus, spicy, sunny flavour. The taste is a delicate nature, of which surprised me. I expected it to be bold and "in your face" but not so. It held a buttery, spicy, and sunny flavour, one that made my mouth feel quite relaxed and . . . loved. Yes, I went there. Such a delight to enjoy - I will be adding this blend to my Must Order list.

Much thanks to East Indies Coffee and Tea!

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