Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Play of the Gods

(Memphis Botanical Gardens - 2015)

One glance.

The colours drip down the canvas. He tells her that there would be more, always more. She agrees and the moon rises in the sky. He caresses her face and tells her that they would soon arrive. The Greek chorus suddenly appears, wearing their grey tattered clothing, and whisper amongst themselves. Speak louder, they said, and confess that you are in love with him. She pulls away in fear as a wandering Poet hidden in the night watches them. Undisguised curiosity for the sake of written pages to entertain and educate. He wants her to paint again. You used to smile when you painted, he tells her. You can smell the oils underneath it all, she says. The Greek chorus moves back and whisper among themselves - Now comes the time when the knife is slipped between the ribs ever so carefully. They cover their faces with dusty hands, ashamed to speak their Truth. Come closer, he says. I want you to taste this. One pure tear that he cried for her. He places the tear on her finger and she smells it. She smears her wet finger against the canvas. The Greek chorus rushes forward as a single screech escapes their lips. Their black eyes watch her movements. She cannot, they cry. Something falls to the ground and shatters like glass. The curtain falls and the gods begin to applaud. He and she fall to the ground, as the Greek chorus lets go of their strings. The Poet continues to write as the night bleeds onto the pages. 

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