Friday, January 5, 2018

Natural Falling Tears

(Shelby Farms - Memphis, Tennessee - 2014)

Peter took another step then fell to his knees as he cried again. That voice. Always there. Although Allison left him a year ago, her voice still haunted him. Peter looked up at the trees that surrounded him like silent sentinels. He wanted them to give him advice on what to do next. He looked down at his hands. She used to think they were frail, he thought. So weak. He wiped his face with the back of his hand then sat on the trail and took a deep breath. Why did I even stay with you for so long, said the voice in a harsh whisper. You never loved me. I need to live my life. Even when Peter pleaded with her to stay, Allison calmly replied that he needed to grow a dick then left with bags in hand. Peter lowered his head as slower tears now fell from his eyes. The voice disappeared, as it always did when it caused him to cry. A crow flew high above the trees, its cry seemingly mocking him. Peter's mind then thought about Jane, his new friend. They met by accident - both grabbed the same book at a library sale then laughed. Peter smiled. Jane. Allison's voice returned with full whispering fury. Crying in the forest again. Weak. Why do you even bother? Just then, Jane's face appeared in his mind. She always tilted her head when she smiled, he thought. Jane took his hand that night after pizza and iced tea and said that if he ever needed to talk, she had two ears that worked really well. She called me a friend, he thought. That time when they went to the really bad movie and snickered all the way through it. That time when he showed off his album collection and they played records all night. That time when he kissed her in his car and she sneezed when they pulled away. Peter looked at the trees again and to the silence. The crow cried again and Peter thanked the bird.

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