Monday, January 1, 2018

Cover Yourself and Listen to Me

(Elmwood Cemetery - Memphis, Tennessee - 2015)

Holly walked into the house, bracing herself for anything. The house stood in its shadow like a old tired woman. Stacks after stacks of magazines, albums, and books greeted her, while dusty furniture sat in quiet desperation for any activity to occur again. She didn't want to visit the house, not after what he told her, yet knew that in order to finally have a free life, she must do it. Thick layers of dust covered everything, causing the living room to look smaller and more crowded than it was. She chose a small wooden chair and sat down then set her backpack on the ground next to her. She looked around and noticed that all of the windows were covered in old red velvet drapes, blocking out any attempt of light from the sun. She heaved a sigh then closed her eyes. Instantly, the voices came at her. They told her of past wrongs, embarrassing moments, times when she failed and succeeded, men who dated her only because they were bored, parents who punished her when she wanted to live her own life, friends who thought they could take advantage of her, and the dust swirling around her. Holly heard them all, every little voice that demanded that she give up again. Fall on your knees and stay there. She slowly opened her eyes and noticed that the stacks were still there. She opened her mouth and whispered, "It's okay. I forgive you." Suddenly, the stacks disappeared along with the dust and the thick velvet drapes. The sun beamed through the now clear windows, showing that the room was indeed empty except for her and her backpack. She stood up, stretched, then opened her eyes as the past finally left her. 

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