Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Peaceful Shout to the World

(photo by Kimberly B. Richardson)

Eugenia smiled at everyone at the table as they carried on their conversations and passed food around with fluid like grace. Someone offered her the bread basket and she took it with her soft smile. However, underneath that smile was rage. The more she smiled, the angrier she got. All those years that she chose to waste. The feelings of watching something so beautiful and delicate pass her by. Someone asked Eugenia if she wanted another piece of turkey, to which she replied yes with that lovely, lovely smile. She wanted out from all of it. She placed her hands on her lap where no one could see them and clenched her cloth napkin to tightly that she felt it tear. She threw the napkin on the ground then proceeded to eat her food before anyone dredged up a question to ask her. Every bite of her dinner tasted like paper. She slowly chewed then felt her insides flare up. Not now, she thought. Maybe it's all my fault. Suddenly, the rage within her shot through her body, causing her to tremble a bit. Eugenia wanted to stand up, place her hands on the table, and scream until her lungs gave out. Everyone would see then, she thought as she glanced around the room. They would know then and I . . . . She looked down at her food as someone asked her if she'd like another glass of water. The smile returned as she nodded yes. I want to remember. Let me breathe. She placed her hands on the table.

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