Sunday, November 12, 2017

Vampires, Rednecks, and Morlocks?!

Let me just start this off with this - if you have NOT read the Black Knight Chronicles, here is the link to order the books as well as a bio of author John G. Hartness: CLICK HERE NOW.

Okay, done with that. If you did click on the link to order the books, you are in for a treat!

In the Still of the Knight is Book Five of the Chronicles - our beloved geek vampires Jimmy and Greg must deal with new vampires, a creature that drains humans of their life force, and pissed off rednecks as they discover that the city of Charlotte survives/manipulated on rules older than Time. The rules are never fair and lead to spilled blood and stepped on egos. Yet, with new threats and buried emotions dragged to the surface kicking and screaming, can our Undead Duo survive it? And if they do, will it change them for the better or worse? As much as I love this series, this book grabbed me by the neck and wouldn't let go. And I'm glad it didn't. This book made me laugh out loud, brush away tears, and get just as angry as the characters did when confronted by unwanted choices thrust upon them. The scene between Jimmy, a corpse, and God was intense. Book Five is very much John Hartness and yet much more - at the end of the book, I saw Jimmy in a new light. It seemed as though he "leveled up" and I remembered thinking "it's about damn time". 

I refrained from immediately diving into the sixth book, as I needed to allow my brain to settle down after Book Five's constant adrenaline rush. However, I know that time period won't be long, as Book Five left me on an "oh damn, NOW what?!" feeling.

Kudos to John for being an amazing Renaissance man and one hell of an author. Hope to see you soon, dude!


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