Sunday, October 15, 2017

Tea Review - Kagoshima Japanese Green Tea

Once again, I'm reviewing a tea I purchased from the Midwest Tea Festival and this one makes me giddy. Kagoshima Japanese Green Tea was the first tea I tried when I entered the festival. Harney and Sons is one of my favourite tea companies - I give them much love whenever I visit a Barnes and Noble. I had the pleasure of meeting Emeric Harney at the festival as he told me of their teas to sample and enjoy. The Kagoshima quickly won me over as I drank my sample then moved on to other tea vendors.

The tea smelled of grassy green and green bell pepper - light and fresh with a hint of a "twang". As you can see in the above photo, this tea is vibrant in colour - just makes you feel happy and content. Once prepared, the tea liquor, pale green in colour, smelled very much like steamed green bell peppers. I know that sounds strange but it's true - it even says so on the box! Although the tea is also supposed to have hints of lemons and roasted walnuts, I could not detect those flavours yet the tea is by no means less than delicious.  The taste of the tea is light and refreshing to the palate, with the green bell pepper taste to enjoy. The mouth feel and finish is soothing and "wet". A calming influence with just enough to sharpen your focus. Drinking the tea reminds me of walking through a farmers market on a cool Saturday - fresh vegetables, clean air, and a feeling of good will.

Yes, I did get all that while sipping the tea.

I can't recommend this tea enough to those who enjoy good Japanese green tea. Do yourself a favour and order a box of this tea!

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