Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tea Blend Review - Tangerine Sage Green Tea

I'm still enjoying the teas I purchased from the Midwest Tea Festival. Each tea so far has been a wonderful adventure and I still have so many more to go. Queen's Pantry Teas, located in Leavenworth, Kansas, had quite a display area at the festival, complete with many blends to try and even more to purchase and take home to enjoy in your home. Tangerine Sage, one of the green tea blends, is a pleasant blend to savour at all times of the day. I prefer to drink this tea blend after dinner as a nice dessert dish.

The tea blend colour is vibrant, with leaves that look as through they've just been processed. The scent of the blend is very much tangerine with a faint hint of sage. The scent of the green tea is barely there, as overpowered by the tangerine. If are NOT a fan of anything citrus, then I do not recommend this blend for you. However, if you do enjoy anything citrus, then read on! The tea liquor aroma is vegetal and citrus with sage hiding right at the very end, while the taste is all tangerine. As it cools, the taste of the tea gets smoother and more mellow. The mouth feel and finish are refreshing and reminiscent of a summer day with popsicles and walking along a beach. In fact, I'll dare to say that drinking this tea refreshes your breath better than chewing gum! (as I'm typing out this review, I'm drinking the tea and enjoying how fresh my breath smells!) If you are looking to expand your taste buds within the green tea realm, you can't go wrong with Queen's Pantry Teas Tangerine Sage Green Tea.


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