Monday, October 30, 2017

Tea Befitting Neptune - New Tea Review

Once again, I'm reviewing a tea that I purchased while attending the Midwest Tea Festival!

This time, I'm going to take you with me as we visit Nepal - the Himalayas and TEA! While at the Midwest Tea Festival, I took a class about the history of tea from Nepal, followed by sampling two teas processed by the company Nepal Tea LLC. The small group chose a white tea and a gold (black) tea, although I really wanted to try a green tea called Ganesha Green. Thankfully,  the tea company sold a sampler bag of their blends, one of which being Ganesha Green! From the first time our presenter told us about the blend, I knew I had to try it. Now, after enjoying many cups of it, it's one of my favourite loose leaf green teas of all time.

Ganesha Green is a lovely green tea with an oceanic feel to it - kelp and seaweed make for a delicious addition to the tea. The scent of the tea leaves is refreshing and clean, while the scent of the tea itself is vegetal and slightly ocean salty but not disgusting at all. When I tried it the first time, I remembered that I smiled as images of strolling on the beach during a cool Spring day came to mind. The tea is refreshing to the senses - no need to add any kind of sweeteners. I think that adding a sweetener to the tea would change the flavour in a not so good way. Enjoy this tea by itself and allow yourself to be drifted away. Neptune would certainly enjoy this tea.

One habit that I've gotten into is to study the leaves after they've steeped. I love to smell and look at the leaves after their contact with the hot water - beauty can be found anywhere. In any case, I can't recommend this tea enough to you. I know I'll be purchasing a larger container of Ganesha Green very soon!

Join the Leaf!

(the sampler bags from Nepal Tea LLC - so much tea!)

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