Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Adventures of a Tea Merchant - Persia

Tea is very much a universal language that can be obtained in most of the world. Being a Tea Merchant allows me to travel the world without leaving my home city. By chance, I decided to enjoy lunch in a small Persian restaurant on a nice Saturday afternoon. When the waiter asked what I wanted to drink, I asked about their teas. He quickly mentioned a Persian blend, to which I readily accepted. Several minutes later, the waiter brought out my tea and I knew I was in for a treat. Although he brought several kinds of sweeteners, the tea did not need it after one quick sip. As the music played in the restaurant, I felt myself swept away to a bazaar laden with exotic items and finding a cafe hidden away that served good food and refreshing tea. I finished my tea within several sips and knew that I had to purchase a box of the tea. However, the waiter informed me that the blend was the owner's special recipe and that it was not for sale. It keeps the customers coming back for more, he said. Although I was a little upset that I couldn't take the tea home, I was still happy to have found it.

Persia, by way of Memphis.

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