Friday, September 22, 2017

Having Tea with a Mistress - NEW TEA BLEND!

I never would have guessed that I would make a tea inspired by a graphic novel character, yet it HAD to be done. Sean Taylor is one of those authors (and personalities!) who you just can't help but love to be around. He's always making people laugh, and his stories will grab you from the first word to the very end - check out his story in the ProSe Productions anthology The New Adventures of Armless O'Neil! Aside from that, Sean is a good friend and a good man.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the NEW tea blend from Viridian Tea Company - Mistress Angelique's Tea Blend!

The tea, inspired by the writing of Sean Taylor, consists of assam tea, goji berries, rose hips, and anise. The aroma of the tea blend is a flourish of licorice, malt, and faint flowers. When prepared, the tea liquor smells of malt, licorice, and roses - spicy, sensual, and irresistible, just like Angelique! I prepared the blend over two months ago, so the ingredients have had a chance to "get to know one another"!

The blend will be for sale at the Cooper Young Farmers Market tomorrow, as well as my Etsy store - Viridian Tea Company.

Also, stop by the booth for samples of Elmwood tea blend as well as NEW VTC STICKERS!

Join the Leaf and thank you, Sean!

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