Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Order Welcomes You . . . NEW TEA BLEND

I blame it all on Rick Johnson.

On the last day of  the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention several years ago, Rick was sitting at his table, working on a commission piece. It was of a plague doctor. Being a fan of his work, I asked him about the piece, all the while a story idea began to brew in my head. Minutes later, I sold the Order of the Black Silk Trilogy to ProSe Productions. The first book came out March of this year. However, it wasn't enough. I wanted to not only write more about the world I had created, but also create a tea inspired by my words.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the new Viridian Tea Company blend - Order of the Black Silk Tea!

The blend of assam tea, lemongrass, dried orange peel, and dried cranberries is an excellent way to enter the Otherworldy city of Cinis! The blend will be available at the Broom Closet in the South Main Arts District of Memphis, on my Etsy site, and through me at the Cooper Young Community Farmers Market.

THIS SATURDAY (3 June 2017) I will be throwing a sale - if you purchase a copy of the book from me at the Cooper Young Community Farmers Market, a regular bag of the tea will only be $4 and a sampler will be $2! I'm only doing this one day, so stop by the booth.

May your Cup never dry!

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