Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SYR - Celtic Folk Rock At Its Best

I love it when people in my life introduce me to different music groups. For example, I have "Viking" to thank for my now fangirl status in liking Great Big Sea (I HIGHLY recommend checking them out - they've broken up but their music is still amazing!), Alan DoyleTuatha Dea, and now SYR. After receiving a lovely care package with several CDs inside not too long ago, I decided to pop in SYR and see what would unfold.

Wow. That's all I can say. Just wow.

I've loved Celtic music for a long time - call it my Irish roots (I did the research and yes, I do have Irish blood), my love of Celtic history, or how some "Raven Headed Being Who Represents War and Death" has infiltrated my life. Regardless, I love how goosebumps appear on my skin whenever I hear that kind of music. The music of SYR does that to me and I'm gad for it. Their first self titled CD is a solid CD - there are no bad or weak tracks at all. From the first blood pumping song "Mo Gradh" to the last, and quite funny, song of "I Drove My Father To Drink", this CD will appeal to those who can appreciate good music with well thought out lyrics. Although I love all of the songs, my all time favourite is "Who Are You" - great message and beautiful accompanying music!

I look forward to many more CDs from this band - if any of the band members happen to read this post: PLEASE COME TO MEMPHIS!


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