Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Love Story Set to Music

An Unfinished Score, written by my aether friend Elise Blackwell, is a love letter written to music. This book was an absolute delight to read and I'm just sorry that I didn't read it sooner. The story is thus: Suzanne Sullivan, a viola player in a quartet, learns that famous conductor Alex Elling has died in a horrible plane crash. She's distraught, not only for the sake that the world lost quite a talent, but that she was his lover for several years. As the book progresses, we experience Suzanne's day to day life, now that the man she truly loved is dead. Her husband, Ben (cellist and composer), and best friend Petra (violinist) with her deaf daughter Adele, all live in the same house yet Suzanne feels only grief and loss. However, as she begins to receive strange phone calls from Chicago, Suzanne will soon learn that not everything she knows is the truth and that lies are more comforting to the heart.

I will admit that I really didn't like Suzanne, yet I still wanted to know what would come of her once she learned of her lover's death. Her husband seemed to love her but in a different way, while Alex, as excellently portrayed in past memories by Blackwell, ignited her passions and dared her to feel the music rather than just play it. Although I found Suzanne to be a weak character in emotions at the beginning, she carried the story to the very end and became stronger and better. Out of all of the characters, I truly enjoyed reading about Alex the most. Although he came off as such a pompous ass while alive, his death showed us that he had a human side, one that he showed to Suzanne frequently. The scene in which he and Suzanne make love as a violinist plays in their hotel room while blindfolded was one such example. Although Alex was married, the love he had for Suzanne was genuine and raw. True, he did have other lovers before her, but it felt as though he showed his true nature to Suzanne. I actually felt sorry for his wife, Olivia.

Thank you as always, Elise, for your beautiful words. I look forward to reading whatever else you write.


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