Monday, May 15, 2017

901 Story - Pie of the Bibliophiles

We met at our usual spot, ready to play catch up and enjoy good cups of tea. Every time we get together, I'm always reminded that we met through a love of art. While eating my warmed up slice of vegan blackberry pie, she spoke of books that influenced her writing and that she adored children's books. Bibliophiles have that uncanny ability to find each other - perhaps we give off a scent that smells of used bookstores. We shared laughter and even moments of pain to show that our sums were stronger than the parts. I looked around at the other patrons in the coffee shop and realized that this was a perfect moment. Even the blackberry seeds caught between my teeth felt natural and not an annoyance. As the sun began to set, we went our separate ways as strings of words we hadn't written yet trailed behind us.

(for my friend Jenny)

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