Tuesday, May 16, 2017

901 Story - The Old Men and the Vinyl

(sample of my vinyl collection)

While searching for book titles in the library bookstore in an attempt to kill some time, I overheard two older men talk about the good ol' days via vinyl. They reviewed each album that was on sale, each asking the other if they owned a copy of it, all the while talking about their obviously massive vinyl collections. As much as I wanted to go through the vinyl to possibly add to my nice sized collection, I continued searching for books and let the men have their fun. They spoke of how they locate their vinyl at estate sales with such pride as though they were talking about their children and grandchildren, complete with photos in their wallet. Did they, I wondered, enjoy their vinyl with friends and flowing cocktails? Showing off their latest find to those who were of the Vinyl Faith? Perhaps they saved that experience for themselves, considering it to be too sacred for the masses. Vinyl spoke through the ages and those two men continued to answer the call. 

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