Friday, May 19, 2017

901 Story - Cold Tea

The hip coffee shop was half full when I walked in. Due to my latest round of frustrations with my job, I figured that a cup of Darjeeling tea and a muffin would set me right. After receiving my super sized tea and muffin warmed just right, I found a table and soon started jotting down thoughts before I forgot them. As I wrote, I overheard several of the baristas talk about a young man who recently died due to a caffeine overdose. I had heard of the story and remembered shaking my head in sadness over it. Just then, one of the baristas said that when he used to work in a corporate office, he would drink cup after cup of coffee not for the caffeine but for the warmth. Soon, another barista who sat behind me agreed that that particular place had been too cold for words. I turned to face her and offered my story - that my corporate job space was cold every day and how one could almost see their breath while working. We shared a nice laugh and I returned to my tea as the stress of corporate left me. Even though I had to return soon, I knew that the tea and muffin were enough good juju to finish the day.

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