Thursday, April 6, 2017

You Know You Want Her . . . .

Okay, so let me just say that this review is over two years overdue - sorry, Sean Taylor!

Dominique is a woman who lives alone, has few friends, and seems to not have a life . . . except that of a professional dominatrix! She gives pain to those who want it, for a fee of course. When night falls, Dominique dons the leather and thigh high boots with whip in hand, ready to give her clients what they beg and plead for. However, when one of her clients slips up and mentions confidential information to her, Dominique's world is suddenly turned upside down, complete with world domination, bloodthirsty mercenaries, pills that make ordinary people become destructive machines, and a grey clad female assassin named Jacqueline who's completely insane, not to mention a bit talkative. In the span of one night, Dominique transforms from a dominatrix to an almost indestructible superhero!

Welcome to the world of Dominatrix!

Based on an idea by THE Gene Simmons and written by Sean Taylor, this graphic novel will satisfy those who are looking for something different, complete with a well written and engaging story and killer illustrations. Although I first read this graphic novel back in 2014, reading it a second time last night increased my appreciation of the overall story. In fact, I remember how much I used to bug Sean in writing more in this world. Sadly, there won't be any other stories but at least this graphic novel exists. Pick up a copy of Dominatrix TODAY - you won't regret it.

Now, how about some KISS to end this review:

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