Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Samurai and the Teashop Owner - Two

The Samurai has left the teahouse due to an order given to him by his Lord. She does not feel sorrow in his absence, for she knows he will return. She makes her tea, serves her guests, and watches the winds blow through the cherry blossoms. He will return.

One drop of blood
falls from my face.
I see my enemy before me, a
strange smile on his face.
His sword, dull, hangs limply
next to him.
I stand, ready, never lowering
the calm within me.
My enemy has not moved
and it is then that I realize
that he is merely a shell.
The red gash now grows across 
his belly.
The body, no longer the enemy,
I take a slow breath.
I turn and walk away.
My Lord will be pleased.

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