Thursday, March 16, 2017

Meanwhile, Back in London . . .

I can't stop talking and thinking about this film.

Before I begin, let me just state for the record that I'm a big fan of Eva Green. I love her look, her style, and the fact that she would probably be a fan of my books and teas. After first seeing her in Penny Dreadful, I wanted to see her other works. So far, I haven't been disappointed.

Franklyn is a movie of despair. Doesn't really sound enticing, yet when you begin watching it, you'll be hooked. Meet Jonathan Preest, a masked vigilante who lives in the otherworldy place of Meanwhile City. He deals out justice to those who deserve it. In Meanwhile City, religion is key - they have a deity for EVERYTHING - yet Preest is the only atheist and he likes it that way. He's on the hunt for a being known as the Individual, a being so horrific that it's up to Preest to take it down.

Scroll over to modern day London and meet Milo, a young man who was jilted at the altar; Emilia, an artist who films her suicide attempts as "projects"; and Peter, a man who is searching for his lost son. In handling their despair, Emilia attempts suicide repeatedly with a flair of Gothic, Milo relies on his childhood friend, Sally, and Peter turns to God. These three beings will however come together under the most heinous of situations, all thanks to Preest from Meanwhile City.

I have a bad habit of picking apart a film's story (it's a probably a writer thing) and seeing if I can "solve" it before it ends. Two thirds into the film and I was truly stumped. I love films that make me think and also make me say, "What the $*#&," several times. Franklyn did just that. The concept of the film was quite original, yet at times it seemed to go a bit off track. Yet, the ending wraps everything up quite nicely that left me wanting to tell the world about what I had just watched. Which I did on Facebook. The music by Joby Talbot assisted greatly to the overall Gothic/exotic feel of the film. Meanwhile City was quite a delight to see, yet I wish that more scenes were set there. I loved the costumes of the "citizens" as well as the buildings - it felt like a Gothic dream come true.

If you are looking for something different to watch, I highly recommend Franklyn.

Here's the trailer!

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