Tuesday, March 21, 2017

~ if only ~

If only.

There are times when
the lines are blurred
between here and never.
It's hard to forget
why we are here - 
if only at all - 
yet we press on because
this day shall not stop.
When did it, you, we, us
get louder?
When did we cover our eyes
and ears
and wandered off, seeking
no longer greener pastures?
Who told us that lie?
What soothed our nightmares away
with empty promises
and thoughts of a better tomorrow
that never came?
When did we fall so hard?
And now,
fellow masses of the individual,
what do we do now?
Do we finally remove
the hands?
Can we say finally say that
"I am here?"

If only.

(photo taken at Elmwood Cemetery - 2017)

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