Saturday, March 18, 2017

901 Story - The Women of India

They were older women, yet their voices were filled with joy and delight at seeing each other. They spoke of the right brain/left brain phenomenon and of being creative and not being psychotic. Their friendship seemed to have lasted for years through many fights, misunderstandings, and loves lost and gained. The one who did the most talking seemed to have seen more of the world than her friend. She came across as a bohemian who still kept to the Ways yet her talk reeked of order and discipline in being a teacher. Against the backdrop of a local Indian restaurant known for their delicious lunch buffet, the two women caught up with other's lives as the two strands of Life now came together once more. As I listened to them switch over to Roy Orbison and Leonard Cohen, I realized that they, I, everyone in that restaurant made Memphis what it was and what it is now. Over a million voices, loud and soft, poured into this city and claimed it for its own. A second plate of food called to me and so I stopped listening.

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