Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Path of Tea - Dian Hong Red Tea

After looking at Global Tea Hut's website several times, I finally decided to take the plunge and become a subscriber. For $20 a month, you receive a free tin of their tea of the month, plus their magazine (see above) that talks about Taoism and tea as a way of life, plus other little goodies. After having a not so great day, I reached my apartment, only to find a package from Taiwan waiting at my door!

After taking part in a really cool book signing, thanks to the folks at South Main Book Juggler  I returned home to make my first cup of 2016 Dian Hong Red Tea while reading my magazine. So far, I have learned MANY things that contradict what is being said about tea in the West - that's going to be another blog post! So, on to the TEA!

The tea smelled divine when I opened the container. I knew that I was in for a treat. Rather than make a full pot of the tea, I decided to just make one cup. So glad I did - this means my tea will last longer!

After letting the tea leaves sit in the cup for a while, I let the tea cool down for a bit before trying it. The first sip was lightly fragrant and smooth - not harsh or bitter at all. In fact, I didn't need sweetener.  Since giving up coffee and going full tea last year, I have slowly weaned myself off adding sugar to my tea. I will add honey every so often, yet I prefer my tea to be unsweetened most of the time.. After taking several unsweetened sips of my tea, I did add a bit of honey to the cup. The tea did not turn sweet at all but rather the flavour was enhanced, making it a damn near perfect cup of tea. For the record (and this I just learned from reading my magazine) - black tea is actually called red tea. That's one of those things about tea that got mixed up in the West. In any case, this red tea can be consumed at all hours of the day. It's a great way to begin or end your day, or even a nice mid day moment.

I look forward to next month's installment - thank you, Global Tea Hut!

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