Monday, February 13, 2017

901 Story - The Tea Connoisseur

He was a regular yet never approached my booth. Every time I saw him, he always looked as though he had just stepped out of an outdoors magazine - always well put together with an air of confidence that came naturally as he handled his recycled bags with much ease. It shocked me when he, on a random Saturday, walked up to my booth and asked me what I sold. When I replied "Tea", his eyes lit up as he proceeded to reveal himself as quite the connoisseur. A bag of Cyberpunk tea caught his eye as he told me how Canada was very much a Tea Country. I listened as he spoke, glad that I was meeting more and more tea lovers in the city. Although we never said it, we silently agreed that we lived in a Coffee City. I immediately liked him as he purchased a bag of tea then left.

Every so often, I do miss coffee.

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