Thursday, February 9, 2017

901 Story - The Singer

I first met her during a tour; she reminded me just why I love the city and how much it had to offer. She showed the tour group that Memphis was far from dead and that Her residents had and always would be there for Her. Memphis speaks in music passed down from lips to lips; from Delta souls to the fire of Beale Street to the rough edges of STAX. She showed us these things with a smile and a spirit that couldn't be denied. Months and nights later, I finally made the attempt to see her sing in a local bar. I dashed inside from the cold and found myself in a place that states that ART will never die. The band played. She sang. I listened. The way she held her guitar and closed her eyes when she sang. Her voice, surrounded by the music, was of Memphis. A guy next to me nudged me then said that he loved her voice. I nodded and continued to listen amid the sounds of enjoyment from the patrons. 

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