Sunday, February 5, 2017

901 Story - Gods of the Southwest

Gods of the Southwest ~

A black woman with a bohemian flair walked up to my booth at the community farmers market, carrying confidence and strength within her long curly hair. When she informed me that she was from Arizona and not a local, my eyes lit up as I told her how much I enjoyed her state. Her eyes, although hidden by her sunglasses, gave off a flow that could only be experienced in the desert. We chatted about the Southwest and how much I also loved New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Suddenly, a young girl who looked like an activist for the Earth, jumped into our conversation and said that she was from New Mexico. Las Cruces, in fact. She proudly showed off her state flag patch on her denim jacket and we all shared a laugh. Minutes later, the older woman artist whose table was next to mine strolled over to me and stated that she, too, used to live in Arizona. Her artwork were woodblock paintings of herbs and animals and it seemed that she breathed a new sense of Life in the colours. I felt the spirit of O'Keeffe smiling at me and realized that the gods of the Southwest were trying to say hello again. 

(Downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico - 2015)

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