Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Shadow King - Chapter One

A single thread, silent and grey,
fleeting, moment.
It tells of how we met. That night
perched outside my window.
He watched me, silent thread
wrapped in fog and mist.
To be claimed by a being
neither of Death nor of Life.
The Shadow King, with crown of black thorns
gently prick, easing the suffering
of those who wish to hide.
Indigo, deeper than nightfall,
embrace my body and claim
that which is secret.
I have no sins to confess, only that I love you.
Forever more, never nothing;
single thread shall tell all.
Come, King, and sit beside me.
Hold my hand and seek the scent
that comes when I hide my fears from you.
You claim to love me, you who bear black,
you whose eyes move like a flame in joy.
Make me into that which keeps you
from being lonely and human.
And I, this woman of flesh colour of caramel,
shall evermore love you then.

(Hollywood Cemetery - Jackson, Tennessee)

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