Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Stain of Madness That Smells Sweet

After giving myself enough of a break, I decided to return to a world I truly love and enjoy - the world of writer/photographer Kristin Fouquet - The Olive Stain and Other Stories as published through Le Salon Press. These stories, mixed with lovely black and white cemetery photography, is the "darkest" book of her collection. However, the stories and photographs still ring Fouquet in her unique style and creativity.

I won't go into the short stories except that they are all good! However, I will talk about the main story - The Olive Stain. The story is thus: Millie, after many years of absence, visits her older brother Raymond and his partner Byron in their lovely New Orleans home. All seems to be well except for a curious stain on the wall in the nursery that smells of Sweet Olive. Suddenly, the past comes alive as the true nature of the house shows itself to Millie . . . only too late.

I literally read this book about twenty minutes ago - a perfect read while having a picnic in a cemetery or in a secluded cafe that reeks of gossip and lipstick stained cigarettes. Fouquet is a master of the macabre, the eccentric, the eclectic, and a day in the life of New Orleans. Her photographs are another way of conveying her creative voice and are just as divine.

Thank you again, Kristin!


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