Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Holidays with POETRY!

No matter what you celebrate, I wish each and every one of you Happy Gothic Holidays!

No, on to POETRY!

Poetry is still relevant in this world. Sometimes, a thought or a complex emotion can't be conveyed properly unless if it's through poetry (look up the works of Eric Syrdal, for example). Author, professor, bellydancer, and all around Amazing Woman (trademark) Kathryn Hinds is no stranger when it comes to conveying thoughts and images into beautiful words. Her poetry book, Candle Thread, and Flute, as published through Luna Station Press, is filled with words that will transport you into a different realm and mindset. By the end of her book, you will definitely see the world through different eyes.

The book is divided into three sections: Masks and Voices, Turnings, and Water and Other Elements. Although each section has its own "feel" to it, the words are all Kathryn. Some of the poems could easily be sung to music or chanted. She possesses the ability to weave words together without sounding overly dramatic or wooden. She speaks what she knows, of which encompasses a great deal. Several of my favourites are: "Tuxedo Cat's Haiku", "Two Dreams", "A Meditation", "Call to the Darkness", and "Sunset Over Lake Ontario". Although all of the poems are incredible, these particular ones stand out for me, either for a moment of smiling or a rush of creativity.

Thank you, Kathryn, as always. See you soon!

Now, time to open presents and have a cup of tea!


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