Monday, December 5, 2016

From Iceland Comes a GREAT Beer

One of my friends, author JC Crumpton, used to live in Iceland when he was a child. I told him that the only things I knew about Iceland were the author Sjon and Bjork. However, ever since delving deep into the Nordic thanks to Viking (yes, he is a real person in my life), I've been wanting to know more about the countries that make up part of that world. To date, I love Wardruna, have always been a fan of Garmarna, know enough Swedish to get me into trouble, and think that the works of R R Hunsinger are amazing!

For a while, I'd been eyeing a most interesting beer, wondering if I should try it. Well, when in Rome or in this case - Iceland. Welcome to the world of Einstok Beer Company, made in Akueyri, Iceland!

My initial dive into Einstok began with the Icelandic White Ale. WOW! Great taste with just the right mix of coriander and orange peel - heaven! This beer should not be gulped down but rather sipped and enjoyed. If you are looking for a great light beer that is beyond your "comfort zone" - look no further than the Einstok Icelandic White Ale!

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's back to writing and continued enjoyment of this beer.


(Yes, that's Swedish but you get the idea)

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