Friday, December 16, 2016

Epicurious in the 901 - Trolley Stop Market

Going to Trolley Stop Market in The Edge District of Memphis  is quite an adventure. Arriving ten minutes late for dinner with my friend Jean Marie, my mind was already thinking about what I wanted to order. Trolley Stop Market has a wide variety of items to choose from, yet they are known for their HUGE slices of pizza. However, as much as their delicious pizza slices do tempt me, I decided to try their veggie burger.

Oh. My.

Let's face it - who can resist a milkshake? Even a person who is lactose intolerant?! Their strawberry milkshakes are thick and full of flavour . . . and they bring all the boys to the yard. I hope I did that right. Anyway, my meal began with a lovely strawberry milkshake and Elvis singing in the background about a Blue Christmas. Only in Memphis.

When our waiter brought out our food, I almost wondered if he got my order right - I wanted a VEGGIE burger. However, after mashing that sandwich you see above into something that could fit into in my mouth without too much embarrassment, my taste buds began to sing in operatic glee! The only other veggie burger that I truly enjoy is the one at Huey's, yet this one proved to be a close second, if not nudging Huey's out of the number one slot. I'm not really sure what they put in their veggie burger, but I can tell you this: you won't miss eating beef or turkey. The sauteed mushrooms, onions, and green bell peppers were done right with just enough accompanying flavour to the patty. The potato salad was divine as well; as much as I wanted to try their hand cut fries, the potato salad called out to me. Glad I chose it.

After my friend ordered a slice of their strawberry cake, I just knew I had to order a slice as well. Choosing from carrot, banana, strawberry, and chocolate, I decided upon the chocolate. Again - Oh. My. Everything about my slice of cake rounded out a perfect (and VERY filling) dinner. They also have cookies and pies, so the choice for your sweet tooth craving is quite vast!

Trolley Stop Market is not only a restaurant with good and hip food, but it's also home to merchandise made by local artists! From jewelry to spices, from coffee to artwork, Trolley Stop Market is a great place for food and gifts . . . and Elvis!


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