Monday, November 28, 2016


1961 India.

The Portuguese rule parts of India with an iron and crooked fist. The native men are seen as crumbs and the women worse than that. One downtrodden woman named Nakushi decides to fight back - with the aid of Agni, the god of storms, she becomes Bombay Sapphire! When she says the word Ashmita, she transforms into a dazzling being with blue skin and clothing and dark blue hair. She can fly, gain weapons in her hand with a mere thought, and delivers more damage to her enemies while barely lifting her finger.

Author and Alban Lake publisher Tyree Campbell delivers a knockout with Bombay Sapphire, the first book in the trilogy through ProSe Press. This slim novel delivers more than expected from the norm of superheroes. Nakushi/Bombay Sapphire hates what's being done in and to her country, yet the evil tendrils dig deep. Her sister, Savitra, wants a clean place to live, food every day, and pretty saris to wear. When she learns that her older sister is a superhero, the desire for more and better quickly consumes her, driving her to do the imaginable. Nakushi/Bombay Sapphire fights for all that is right and just, even as the evil moves ever closer towards her.

One main reason why I like Bombay Sapphire so much is because, although she is immune to danger to a point, she still has moments of doubt and concern. She is, in short, REAL. As many of you know, I am a big fan of Moon Knight (Fist of Khonshu!). I like him for the fact that, although he is truly a bad ass, he's also very real and vulnerable at times. His insanity is his Achilles Heel, one that I don't think will ever go away. With Bombay Sapphire, she makes choices between fighting the bad guys or eating rice and vegetables. Doing what's right for her country or keeping her little sister out of trouble. When she steals money from the Portuguese, it would have been all too easy to keep the money and completely turn her and her sister's lives around. However, she sets aside her personal problems for the problems of many. The many voices of Bharat.

That, to me, is a true superhero.


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