Thursday, November 10, 2016

~ sensualist ~

Do you like John Keats,
I wonder while kissing you.
Salty sweet flesh
Prepare me for something greater.
You are of darkness and yet
It tickles my chin.
Honeyed tongue gives me no mercy
But only pleasure that blinds me.
Fallen, I wonder if it is true,
And still I smell the sulfur
Wrapped longingly around your body.
Keats could have been your Muse
If you were only so young;
I am smarter than that.
I want to deny you and yet I can not
For your lips I have yet to feel.
Today I discovered you in my mind
Sitting contentedly like a satisfied cat.
I still want to experience you
Knowing that it will cause my death.
Fellow sensualist are you,
Seducing me with candied words
And phrases developed by sybaritic gods.
I know I should expect more than this
As my desires knows no bounds.
I am lost because of you. 
Hades, claim my soul.

(Elmwood Cemetery - Memphis)

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