Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Epicurious in the 901 - Soul Fish Cafe

After coming home from a not so great day at work to find that my place was without power, I quickly made an Executive Decision and drove to Soul Fish Cafe for some much needed good food! Soul Fish Cafe is one of those places where you can't go wrong with anything on the menu - whether you want seafood, catfish, or a good and hearty salad, Soul Fish Cafe has what you're looking for!

Although I've tried several items on the menu, my go to has been and always will be the crawfish po-boy (and yes we do have them in Memphis, unlike one of my dearest NOLA friends tells me that it's CRAYFISH up here!) The po-boys comes with your choice of side - guaranteed stuffed belly within minutes!

A friend of mine once taught me a nice "trick" - eat as much of the crawfish with your fork before trying to stuff the po-boy in your mouth - prevents embarrassing accidents leading to you wearing your food. The crawfish is nicely fried and seasoned well and the remoulade is perfect for dipping or smearing on your po-boy. My photo many not look like a lot of food but it is. I'm sure the other po-boys are just as good but for me, the crawfish is a WINNER!

Although I was feeling sort of full from my meal, I had to order dessert. They are one of the best places in the 901 for cakes - the strawberry and banana cakes are divine! However, I wanted to try a new flavour, so I ordered the carrot cake!

The chilled cake slice was perfect in taste and the icing was not too sweet - great way to end your meal!

Like I said, I have yet to have a bad meal at Soul Fish Cafe - a nice place to enjoy a quiet lunch or to enjoy dinner with friends and family. If you are going to be visiting Memphis soon, make sure to have time to visit Soul Fish Cafe! They have several locations in the 901 and the iced tea always flows!


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