Sunday, November 27, 2016

Epicurious in the 901 - Queen of Sheba Restaurant

While working the Cooper Young Community Farmers Market yesterday, a man and fellow foodie informed me of a great little Middle Eastern restaurant in the 901 that I had to check out. Queen of Sheba, he informed me, was a place I needed to visit hungry. The man informed me that the chef was from Yemen, to which my eyes grew wide. He also informed me several times to try the tea. After he talked about the tea the first time, I made up my mind to visit as soon as the market was over. So glad I did!

For those who you who live in the 901 or visit frequently, Queen of Sheba is right off Summer Avenue, 4792 Summer Avenue to be exact, east of the Summer Avenue/Covington Pike intersection. The place is small yet don't let that fool you: this place is packed with good food at very reasonable prices.

My meal began with a small yet very tasty cup of tea. When I took the first sip, I think I moaned. It's black, sweet, and minty - perfect! The tea was enough for me, yet I knew my lunch would be arriving soon. When the waiter brought it to me . . . well, just look at the photo below.

This delightful set up consisted of lamb haneeth with rice and potatoes, hummus with olive oil, and bread. The lamb was so tender that it fell off the bone, while the rice and potatoes were perfectly seasoned. I had to keep stopping myself from shoveling food in my mouth. The hummus tasted fresh and flavourful - almost as if it was made that same day. Probably was. While eating and reading, I kept wondering if I wanted dessert. I finally decided When In Rome and saved part of my meal to take home so I could order Ma'soob.

When my waiter brought out my dessert, I wasn't really sure what to make of it, yet when he handed me a spoon, I figured I would dig right in and see just what I had ordered. Ma'soob, according to the menu, is a blend of bananas with ground flatbread, mixed with honey, nuts, cream, and raisins. It was warm and lightly sweet and quite good, yet several spoonfuls later, I realized that my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I quickly asked my waiter for take out boxes.

If you are looking for great Middle Eastern food, Queen of Sheba is an excellent place that will provide you just that.


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