Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Great Sorcerer Needs A Great Tea! NEW TEA BLEND!

It's 9:31pm and I'm watching the awesome anime Shigurui (Death Frenzy) while making tea for Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention ! If you are going to be in the 901 this weekend, you need to check it out. A lot of fun for everyone!

Let me get right to the point with the new tea blend - Nickadeamus' Tea! This simple blend of assam tea and dried goji berries is perfect for a brooding sorcerer - dark and salty sweet! This blend was inspired by the book The Truth of Betrayal, written by Jason Fedora. Here's the blurb from the book:

They can strike at any time, from anywhere. A shadow assassin could be anyone. It could even be the daughter of the King himself. Nickadeamus finds himself trying to prevent the Kingdom of Altera from being plunged into another disastrous and bloody conflict. 

Not only does he have to contend with potential assassins, an ancient book - The Book of Forgotten of Sorrows, has been stolen by Mordkom, his one-time friend and brother. Created from the blood and ashes of the War of Sorrows, the book should have never been written. Filled with the type of secrets that never should have been whispered, it was sealed away in a secret room for seven hundred years. 

Nickadeamus now has to hunt down this murderous thief by following a trail of sorrow, deceit, death, and betrayal. Not only must he learn the secrets of the book, Nickadeamus must also stop Mordkom from delivering The Book of Forgotten Sorrows to the Dark Emperor of Drath-cull.

I read the book not too long ago and loved it - a great book to read if you enjoy fantasy or adventure or both! 

The tea will be available through my Etsy store, ViridianTeaCompany, and it will be premiered at MCFC this weekend! Be one of the first to try Nickadeamus' Tea! Also, Jason Fedora will be a guest at MCFC; stop by his table and purchase his book!

May your Cup never dry!

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