Friday, October 21, 2016

~ Standing ~

She stands on her balcony, overlooking the
Busy streets, traffic, silence. It is warm
Outside; the mosquitoes buzzing around her
As if she were a goddess.

Sweat trickling down her skin, causing her
Thin cotton dress to stick on her back, arms,
Legs. . . 

Everything is a glare, the sun the ruler
Here, blinding her from too much. She squints,
Creates a shield with her heads, and watches.

A bright sunny day, a day when she knows
She is dead in such a realm of life. Dead
For ideas, escapes, adventures, a journey, religions
Sanctification. She realizes this and understands.

Her sweat is her payment.

1 comment:

JC Crumpton said...

Good stuff. I love reading the things that come from such an intensely intelligent mind. Keep it coming.