Sunday, September 11, 2016

unfeeling - flash fiction

While at a coffee shop here in town several days ago, I noticed a woman who entered the place. Something about her struck me as interesting and so, I decided to create a flash story about her. No, she wasn't crying and yes, she did order a sandwich. Yes, that is her in the photo, by the way.

Anyway. . . . 

While enjoying my iced Darjeeling tea with honey at one of the local coffee shops, I looked up and saw a young woman enter the place. She had a worried look on her face and for a moment, I wanted to ask her what made her look like that. However, posing such personal questions to strangers in this city is not seen as a good thing, so I resumed drinking my iced tea while reading my book. I overheard her order a sandwich with chips at the counter; her voice, I thought. What's wrong with her? She sounds so sad. I shook off my curiosity then resumed reading, only to notice that the woman sat down near me. She immediately pulled out her cell phone and began to text. This time, I did look at her longer than normal and noticed a tear sliding down her face. She never noticed me staring at her as she furiously texted. Another tear, followed by another. She then wiped her face with her free hand, then looked up to see if anyone was watching her. Thankfully, I glanced down at my book in enough time. I heard her sigh then resume texting. Just as I was about to be bold and ask her what was wrong, the barista yelled that her order was ready. The woman jumped up from her chair, grabbed her sandwich, then retreated to a table in the back. I refused to turn and look at her, yet my question was still on my mind. Some days, I thought as I packed up my belongings and left the shop, it doesn't pay to be human. 

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