Monday, August 29, 2016

Dionysus of the Dreaming

I have seen him in my dreams
So much a normal part of my night, now.
And yet he still scares me
His eyes, green, verdant, powerful
They to me with emotions I have never felt
When I was alone.
The figure in my dreams hunts me down
Night after night, yet smiles when he captures me
As if he holds a fit of laughter
So close in check.
His long, twisted hair, fans softly across my cheek
Sighs, long, drawn out, a longing
Terrible hunger, unable to quench
This Lord of the Green, Dionysus in the flesh,
Madness, it comes for me
Through the eyes of green, staring, holding me
Bound, wrapped in His pagan arms
Am I feeling love for the first time?
Or, is this the last?
He smells of musk, freshly turned earth
Kisses made of water and magic
And Death.
Rough, calloused hands, made dark by moonlight
Touch my face, that same smile lingers
As a torment to my existence.
Still, he does not tell me of the secret,
The why of the smile, damn, forever
Like Paradise Lost, Milton’s sacrificial lamb.
Make me a Furie,” I tell him
my mouth covered by his moss-covered chest.
Truly madness is my key, my right,
my gift.”
Nothing is said- should it by him?-
As the reality pressed on me by so many
Begins to unravel and break
Creating a slip in time, lost and forgotten
Not this time or this hour
My Lord of the Wild, now flesh and grass
King of what was once, now risen again
My Heathen of right, my guide
Into a better place for us all.

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