Saturday, July 9, 2016

Of Secrets and Mold in Ravencroft Springs

In April of this year, I received terrible news - author Logan Masterson was dead. Although I had met him only a handful of times, I considered him to not only be a friend but also one of us within our "family" of authors. Ravencroft Springs, published by ProSe Press, was one of his accomplishments. He had also published stories through Dark Oak Press in the Capes and Clockwork anthology and Luna's Children II anthology. I highly recommend both books.

David Dunbarton, a recently divorced author, wants a change in his life. He seeks a place to settle down and enjoy the comforts of life, all the while making a fresh start away from his now ex-wife. Ravencroft Springs, a small town near Unaka Mountain, seems to fit his idea of perfect. Yet, this somewhat ghost town is filled with secrets, mason jars filled with strange items, and mold that seems to have a life of its own. Soon, David realizes that all is truly not well in the small town and that everyone has something to hide. Even the mountain itself.

The story's slow start is just camouflage for the hooks to settle themselves into you; once you are furiously flipping through pages and discovering the "secret" of Ravencroft Springs with David, it's too late to turn away. You have to face the horror or else go mad. Or do both at the same time. This story will very much appeal to those who love Lovecraft or who just enjoy a well thought out story filled with suspense. I will warn you, though - this story has no happy ending. Don't expect kittens and rainbows. Okay.

I truly hope you enjoy the madness. I did.

Rest in Peace, Logan.

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