Sunday, June 5, 2016

Taunting Death a Second Time!

First, let me just repeat what I had said on my Facebook post regarding this book: when I figured out the murderer, I literally yelled for five minutes straight in my living room. I was both shocked and happy that I figured it out with Detective Rodger Bergeron. I was tricked into thinking one way and the book went in a completely different direction.

Well played.

Now for the review: Sins of the Father Book Two: A Life Without Fear by author Leo King, published by Grey Gecko Press, makes the first book look like a warm up, of which it is. However, the second book not only wraps up many loose ends but also presents a new situation to both frustrate and terrify the main character, Samantha Castille. In the first book, The Bourbon Street Ripper, we learn that Samantha's grandfather, Vincent Castille, was a legendary killer who roamed the streets of the French Quarter. Now, after many years have passed, a new killer wearing the name of the Bourbon Street Ripper has returned to wreak havoc on not only the citizens of New Orleans, but also Samantha and her lover, the author Richie Fastellos, and the police. In the second book, the action does not slow down; in fact, it speeds up as Rodger and his partner Michael LeBlanc race against time to solve the identity of the killer while protecting Samantha from either being killed or becoming the target of those who think she is the legendary murderer.

King has once again shown that he is quite the master of suspense and thrillers, creating many moments of, "What the F$*%?", that I had while speed reading this book. I know this will sound cliche: once you begin the second book, you will not want to put it down. Lies are revealed, secrets rise from their graves, and all is not what it appears to be as tried and true friends suddenly become fierce enemies under the unforgiving gaze of Death.The ending threw me for a loop, giving me more than enough to know that the third book, Face Behind the Mask, will bring this terrifying yet VERY satisfying trilogy to a close.

This reminds me of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - although I have not yet read the book (and I actually checked it out of the library then got caught up reading something else - what can I say?!), the Swedish film was filled with edgy characters, deceit all around, and frozen memories returning to life against the backdrop of Sweden. I'm actually proud to say that I have watched that movie probably over thirty times. Yep. Proud.


You have done it again, Leo. I can't thank you enough. Looking forward to Book Three!


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