Saturday, June 25, 2016

Justine -

(photo taken at Adam Shaw's studio, Memphis, 2015. Thanks, Adam!)

She felt it within her chest - her heart that beat to an erratic song. Justine placed a hand upon her chest, took a deep breath, and then lightly touched the blank canvas with her brush dipped in the virgin colour. One singular stroke, made with viridian, a colour not many knew of, yet here it was hers. Soon, the bold stroke became several and soon again, the singular colour created the pathway for others. Justine watched the brush dance along the canvas as she gave birth to what was in her mind. The colours led her on a dance and she willingly gave up what little control she had.  Something greater. Something more powerful. Her multicoloured eyes took it all in while glancing around her studio every so often. More paint, different brushes. She wiped a hand across her forehead, leaving a streak of purple. Justine felt the cool paint on her skin, adding to her instructions in her mind. She could barely hear the world outside, even though she kept all of her windows open to allow breezes to float through. Outside, the world, her world, flowed along with its continual display of colours and dreams still not considered by the Human side of the Veil. Just then, in the middle of the sounds of the world, came the single and distinct sound of a flute. Justine cocked her ears to the sound, then turned around to face her windows. She slowly walked towards them, ever drawn by the flute. When she reached the open space, she braced herself against the sides of a window then leaned out. The soft coloured sky with red sun hanging high greeted her, letting her know that the day was in full effect. She then turned her gaze to a single person who sat under her tree who created the music. Justine smiled as she closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift away by the music. It was low and on purpose, as if the player had tenderly given birth to each note. Justine opened her eyes again and realized that the person came from the town on the other side of the valley. It was a small town inhabited by artists and dreamers, those who left the Human side of the Veil in search of something else. As the person continued to play their haunting tune, Justine, Painter of the Otherworld, finally began to dream a new dream.

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