Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Are You Sure You Want To Mount That?

Today was a perfect example of a "not so pleasant" day that left me feeling frustrated and downright grumpy. As I raced home, I muttered under my breath about the little things that, at the time, felt much larger than life. However, after ten minutes of arriving home and settling down with a book to read for half an hour, the time sped along nicely; by the end of my reading hour, I was in a much better mood.

I first met author Jim Hodgson at Midsouth Con several years ago and since then, have considered him to be a friend as well as talented author. He was gracious enough to submit work to my literary journal, violet windows, and I have to admit that it was quite a funny piece (read the Inaugural Issue!) So, it came as no surprise that I would literally devour his book How To Mount Aconcagua while smiling and laughing. If you like stories of adventure, mountain climbing, and good humour, then this book is definitely for you.

(photo taken from the Wikipedia page)

In the book, Jim tells of his experience in climbing Aconcagua, the tallest mountain beyond that of the Himalayas; the ordeal in getting prepared for such an excursion, the actual climb to the summit, and the descending trek in the return to civilization and hot showers. However, while other explorers and mountain climbers may pack a book with much detail and personal reflection, Hodgson does that as well, wrapped with lovely wrapping paper of his sarcastic humour. One you read his book, you'll be grateful for the "luxury" of toilets and will never scoff at Snickers bars or cookies shaped like flowers. Or even Tang. I can't forget the Tang. I actually want to purchase Tang now. Thanks, Jim.

In any case, the slender book is at least an hour read yet by the end of it, whatever bad mood you were in will have disappeared. Even though the book is laced with much humour, Jim is also quite the well experienced adventurer and it shows in his descriptions and experiences, especially the ill effects of mountain sickness on a "fookin" American. He even adds a nice Appendix regarding the tools and gear he used during his trek, should you find yourself bitten by the mountain bug and suddenly want to climb something.

See you soon and thank you, Jim!


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