Saturday, April 2, 2016

Voice of a Woman - Jonatha Brooke

I have been a Jonatha Brooke fan for many years: her voice, clear and strong, tells many stories and gives out much emotion. So, while listening to the song Crumbs, I began to get an idea for a photo shoot. The idea is this: I want to show my interpretation, through photography, of songs written by strong female musicians. It came as no surprise that Jonatha Brooke would be handled first.

The song, Crumbs, is a very powerful and lovely song that shows off Brooke's talent.

I hope she will like it.

Much thanks to my assistant, Alissa Brielle, for putting up with me and making me laugh.

"And you say, you're okay, but you live your life like it's over . . . . "

"And you see your face reflected in the silver spirals . . . "

"You're the one evading hope, side stepping every inkling . . . "

Here is the song - give it a listen:

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